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Maternity Reflexology & Pregnancy Massage

Reflexology may be used to help relieve the common complaints associated with pregnancy. It’s also a very relaxing treatment for any mum-to-be and can be used throughout pregnancy as an effective form of relaxation.  If you have never had a Reflexology treatment before I would recommend that you wait until you are through your first trimester before you have your first session.  Also try not to wait until you are overdue before trying Reflexology it would be a shame to miss out on the benefits it can provided you.

Preconceptual care, postnatal care and miscarriage are also included within Maternity Reflexology. It can be a very emotional and distressing time for many couples who experience various difficulties in the process of starting a family. Emotions can play a huge part in the process, and by using Reflexology to release any tension or anxiety it may help to enable nature to take its course.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage during this special time is a wonderful experience for the expectant mum-to-be.

Her body is undergoing so many physical and emotional changes and there’s often some discomfort and pain caused by the additional pressure on joints, postural changes and the effect of the pregnancy hormones on the musculoskeletal system.

During the massage you will be in a side-lying position fully supported by pillows allowing the back, neck, shoulders and hips to be massaged with ease. The positioning and comfort of the client will be monitored and adjusted as necessary throughout the full body massage treatment.

Why not combine both Reflexology and Massage for an indulgent pampering session?