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Hot Stone Massage

Indulge in this warm, soothing and relaxing massage where basalt stones are used to massage the body.

Basalt stones are igneous rocks from volcanic origins. The stones contain very fine grains and due to their mineral composition retain heat exceptionally well.

The stones are heated in water within a thermostatically controlled electric heater to prevent overheating. The temperature of the stones is very important and the client’s individual preferences will be taken into account,  as some may be more sensitive to heat than others.

Once the stones have reached the required temperature they are dried, cooled and used to massage the body.  A little more oil than usual will be applied to enable the stones to glide effortlessly over the skin.

Hot stone massage may be used for those who are looking for some general relaxation/pampering, to de-stress or those looking for a gentler form of massage. The stones can also be incorporated into a general massage session to help warm the body to prepare for the deeper massage techniques.

A full consultation will be required prior to the session as the hot stones may not be suitable for everyone.